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Website Re-Marketing


Website Remarketing is a smart way to connect with visitors to our websites who may not have made an instant purchase. Website remarketing is a very substantial marketing and if done perfectly can ease your business in a considerable way. Zaptas Technologies has a significant team of professionals who can manage all types of remarketing drives for you, be it measures remarketing campaign, vital marketing campaigns and more. Website remarketing is effective only if the client or customer clicks one of your remarketing ads to reoccur to the website.


We boost leads and sales with aimed remarketing approach based on customer behavior. We show ads to the appropriate customer at their decision making process. We develop your website by aiming keywords.

Zaptas Technologies can be as wide or particular as you like with your remarketing ads. On one conclusion of the scale, you can aim all those who explored your website and on the other you can aim all those who just appeared at a particular product. Website remarketing help you target the appropriate customer all over the web. To execute website remarketing, we include a piece of Adwords Remarketing code in all the pages of your website. So, when client will visit your website, their cookie id will be added to the remarketing audience list that will be generated. This list will be used to show text or banner ads to previously visited people. It can be utilized in multiple ways on the kind of our website and the business objectives.

Remarketing in Display network

This network helps to present our ads to visitors when they search on web.

Remarketing in explore network

Present our ads to explorer when they look for what they want in the web.

Vital or Effective remarketing

This is relevant only for advertisers having Google Merchant Center. Effective ads are the ads having the merchandise image, details and price value directly associated from the Google Merchant Centre. The Ads are casually exhibited to visitors of your site formed on how they have collaborated with your website. These ads are displayed when visitors visits other sites on the internet.

Remarketing for mobile application

This is used to extent people who have reached specific pages of your mobile app earlier also. Ads will be displayed to them when they utilize or use other applications.