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Social Media Optimization


Social media optimization is the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand and event. Zaptas technology provides SMO techniques and strategies for promoting awareness of a brand, publication, product, etc. on Social Media especially by encouraging the sharing of content that attracts people to a particular website. SMO is used to directly connect customer by making your presence on the social media on various social networks and platforms. SMO is a necessary part of overall digital marketing service. It has been found that over 74% of the world population uses Social Media, while many expect to find products and services online. There are several Social media networks that you will want to plug into for your business.

Top Social Media Which Increase Brand Awareness:-


    Facebook has some very good features that webmasters can easily implement on their website. It is essential to have your Facebook business page currently optimized with some SEO practices in order to maximize conversions. We create your Facebook pages and promote it by using high-class tools. We engage your audience with our Facebook Marketing services. Our dedicated SMO team to develop Facebook Marketing Campaigns to make social presence additional lively & noticeable according to client business.


    Use of twitter has increased numerous in recent post and the popular social networking site has the full possibility to become the next big search engine for the internet users. Since we have been doing social media optimization (SMO) activities on all leading social platforms, we understand what works well on Twitter. Our twitter SMO has some basic phases. To get followers for your website, to retain your followers, to encourage the people to interact productively. Using the newest set of tools, technique and tactics, increasing your ROI. We every day tweets your business and engage your brand with billions of users.


    LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking site. It's main purpose is to help people network professionally. Our LinkedIn marketing services provide you link with your real audience. We create innovative ideas for your social media presence and make it better than your online marketing competitors.
    Our LinkedIn SMO activities include:-

    1. Business intelligence flock, relationship building and brand building to obtain the full benefits of LinkedIn networking for you.
    2. Integration of your LinkedIn efforts with your email and viral marketing Campaign.
    3. Accommodate you to be easily found out on LinkedIn by the target audience.
    4. We will help people connect with you to do business.
    5. We will help you establish interactive connections.

    YouTube a wildly most popular social media channel, it also ranks among the best three search engines in the world. We maintain your Social Connection update about your organization. YouTube marketing is an important strategy to take advantage of the Web's huge shift toward video. YouTube isn't just a video platform; it is also a social network.

Some other social media platforms which mostly help in E-commerce sites:-


    Instagram is in alteration phase between personal and business use. Instagram use is not limited to large brands it is useful for both large as well as small e-commerce merchants. Instagram is used to merge photos into your e-commerce websites.


    Pinterest is a social network that allows sharing and discovering new interest by posting images or videos to their own or other's board. Pinterest is now the fastest growing platform for online content sharing. Pinterest gives a chance to businesses to engage customers with hypnotic images and colorful info-graphics that promote their deals.


    Tumbler is a combination of social network and blogging platform. Tumbler is a multi-function network. Tumbler workability is an attractive feature for e-commerce site owners who want to explore their brands.

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